Monday, 18 July 2011

Battle of the Fabric Stash

With some spare time on my hands I finally had the opportunity to take stock of my fabric stash.  Looking through my fabric I realised - that after bringing it to the UK and then back to Canada, and then shipping it to Australia - some of my stash had a bigger carbon footprint than some members of my family!  And like any fabricaholic, while I enjoy looking at and going through my fabric without actually using it, I'd had some of it for years. It was time to make room for new fabric! It was time to use this fabric up!

However, looking around my tiny sewing space (AKA the bedroom) and the fact that Monty and I had not even had enough space to unpack our things since moving to Aus, I realised that maybe quilting was going to be difficult in such a space.  So instead of stashing away the fabric again, I settled on the idea of trying my hand at smaller, quicker projects.  Namely ladies handbags.  So after a quick look online at some patterns and tutorials I made my first bag.  It took me the better part of a day but after it finished I was like a 5 year old who comes home from school with their first craft project to show off.  It was the beginning of a whole new addiction....

While I have always hoarded fabric for my quiltmaking it tended to be more traditional patterned, neutral or rustic coloured.  I prefer traditional patchwork quilts and have never really gone for bright, modern colours in my fabric.  But after making my first bag, I thought something more modern was in order for something to be worn "oot & aboot".  So back to the internet I went in search of fabrics that I could use to make lovely, modern, funky, and retro styled bags.  (No one wants a granny bag on their arm)!  And by the end of the day - and several hundred $$ later - I had ordered a whole new stash.  Oops!

So my bright idea of using up my fabric stash backfired.  I ended up with twice the fabric!  My old fabric stash AND a whole new stash full of bright, funky, modern and retro fabrics to use up........But then again, I've moved out of my comfort zone, learned some new tricks, tips, and designs and tried something new.  So while I'm no further ahead in my battle to tame the stash,  I'm not complaining ;)

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