Thursday, 18 August 2011

UFO'S (Un - Finished - Objects)

So I'm sitting here at my laptop after a round of Etsy taste testing, waiting for Monty to come back with the takeaway pizza supper and looking at some of my many UFO's in the sewing space around me.  In particular I feel as though I should be working on the owl baby quilt promised to my sister Meg for a friend of hers. I hope she isn't reading this!

However, while many people would look at this space and see complete mess and chaos, to me it's an organized chaos.  And in all fairness to myself and the many other crafters and DIY'ers out there with messy, cluttered and seemingly disorganized spaces (you know who you are), a true crafter/DIY'er will have at least 3 projects on the go at any given time. 

Back to the mess - I mean organizing......

My fabrics are for the most part folded and neatly stacked into colour groupings and styles.  And while they aren't exactly home decor, I like having them easily visible and accesible. My threads, tools and notions are tucked in a few handmade tidy trays and my scrap fabrics go to one of three places:

1) tiny scrap baskets for minute bits that I may (or may not) do something with someday.  I mainly use these bits to make buttons or fabric cards.

2) medium sized scrap basket to be used on smaller projects or in scrap quilts.

3) cut into 2.5", 3.5" or 4.5" squares piles for future use in quilts.

But that unfortunately, is the extent of my current organizing.  Until I settle into a place with enough space for me to have my own crafting room and I can get Meg @ to design an organized space for me ;) 
Until then I will continue to enjoy looking at my half finished baby quilt on the floor, the unfinished upcycled skirt handbag I started 3 weeks ago, and my very recently finished baby booties.  Besides I can always make myself feel better by looking at the other side of the room at Monty's mess!

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  1. I am reading but you bought yourself a get out of jail free card with the blog shout out :) Extra points if you turn it into a link!

    Loving the baby shoes, by the way. They're very sweet.