Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Men's Retro Robot Wallet Tutorial


 After a LONG absence from blogging during my move back to Canada and over Christmas, I'm happy to say my first blog of the new year is a great tutorial for a men's wallet.  I've been working on this pattern for a while now and I'm very excited to share it with you.  With a large slot for cash and six card pockets this wallet has room for everything.  (Each card pocket can hold 2 cards)

Even though it took me 4 tries to finally perfect it I really have a lot of fun making these wallets.  Once you get through the first one they are super easy to put together and take no time at all! 

If your guys not into chocolate and wine why not whip one of these wallet's up for the perfect Valentine's Day gift?  If he's into recycling you could even use a favourite old suit jacket and shirt to make an upcycled version.
If you're short on time or just can't be bothered?  Check out the Bakeapple Designs website or Etsy shop for some great ready to go gifts.

You will need:
  • heavyweight exterior fabric (home decor/suiting/wool/ denim/canvas). Enough for one 4.5" x 9" piece
  • one fat quarter of light-medium weight interior fabric. I used 100% cotton.  (you will have leftovers)
  • 1/4 meter of light/medium weight interfacing (you will have leftovers)
  • size 12 & 16 needle
  • cutting mat and ruler
  • thread to match fabric
  • disappearing fabric marker or pencil

    From the exterior fabric cut:
    • one rectangle 4.5" x 9"

      From the interior fabric cut:
      • one rectangle 4.5" x 9" (for the main body of the wallet)
      • one 7.75" x 9" (for the cash slot/pocket)
      • one 6.75" x 9" (for the large card pocket)
      • one 5.75" x 9" (for the medium card pocket)
      • one 4.75" x 9" (for the small card pocket)
      ***if you are using a novelty print like the robot one I did you can fussy cut a piece of your material for the accent on the outside of the wallet***

      From the interfacing cut:
      • one 4.5" x 9" rectangle
      ***Note: If you use a lighter weight fabric or wool (which stretches) for the exterior I recommend that you interface those pieces as well***


         ***  All pieces except the interfacing.

      Step 1:  Begin by clipping the corners off your 4.5" x 9" piece of interfacing to reduce bulk and iron it to the wrong side of your 4.5" x 9" cotton interior piece.

      Step 2:  Fold your 7.75" x 9" rectangle in half along its length and press well.  Repeat for the other pocket pieces (ie: 6.75" x 9", 5.75" x 9", 4.75" x 9").  Top stitch along the folded edges (I used a 1/8" seam allowance). Press flat to secure stitches. You should now have 4 top stitched pocket pieces.

      ***Note: you may want to pin the folded edges before sewing to prevent the fabric from shifting while you sew***

      Step 3:  Line up the two largest pockets and pin.  Make sure the top stitched (top) edges are straight and parallel.  This may mean your bottom edges are not exact, but that is okay. Draw a pencil line 2.5"  from the top edge of the largest piece.

                                                             ***This line will be hidden later***

      Pin fabric in place along this line to prevent shifting and stitch along the line. Press.

      Step 3:  Take the next largest pocket piece and pin in the same way, again making sure the top edges are straight and parallel.  this time draw your line 3" from the top edge, pin along the line and then stitch.  Press

      Step 4:  This step is difficult to explain but here goes!

      In order to reduce the bulk in the seams when you finally sew your wallet together we now need to cut off the excess fabric below the lines we just stitched on the pocket pieces.  First, you will need to fold the fabric at the back of the pieces (the largest card pocket) out of the way laying it flat so that the middle pieces (the fabric below the line we just stitched) are flat and laying in the opposite direction. ***See picture***

      Trim the excess fabric (the middle pocket pieces) 1/4" from the 3" seam line ***See picture***


      Step 5:

      Place the small pocket piece in place as you did the others (making sure top edges are straight and parallel), pin in place.


      Step 6:  Using your ruler find the middle of your pockets and lightly mark points along that line. Mark a faint line 1/4" on either side of your mid-point.  You should now have two lines 1/2" apart and centered on your pockets. ***This will form a spine where your finished wallet will fold and keep your cards in place***

      Pin the fabric in place along these lines as I find it tends to shift during stitching.

      Stitch from bottom of pockets to the top along the lines, back stitching at beginning and end.  Trim the threads neatly or tie them off. You should now have a set of pockets that look like this but with two lines of stitching 1/2" apart.

       ***Mine has only one down the center because it was the first one and I changed it to two lines to help the wallet fold better.

      Step 7:

      Lay your 4.5" x 9" interior piece out right side up and place your pocket set face up on top and pin in place.  It should look like this.....

      Step 8:

      ***If you are using a fussy cut piece of novelty print as an accent you will need to sew it to the right side of your exterior piece here making sure you leave a margin of at least 3/4"***

      Lay the basted interior piece on top of you exterior 4.5" x 9" piece RIGHT SIDES together.  Line up corners and edges. Pin in place leaving a 4.5" opening along the side with the top of the pocket pieces.
      ***There are fewer layers of fabric on the top and it makes it easier to fold the opening closed when you make your final top stitching***

                                                      Pocket piece right side down on exterior piece

                    Exterior 4.5 x 9 piece right side together with the pocket piece and gap at top for turning out

      Change your needle to size 16 as we will now be sewing through multiple layers of fabric.

      Slowly and carefully sew around the outside of the wallet using a 1/2" seam allowance back stitching at the corners for strength.  Remember to leave your 4.5" opening for turning the wallet out!

      Step 9:

      Press your seams to set stitches.  Clip you corners and trim any wonky seam allowances as necessary.

      Step 10:

      Turn the wallet out through the 4.5" opening you left and gently push the corners out to square them off.

      Press the entire wallet well folding in the raw edges at the opening and keeping them as straight as possible.    Pin the opening closed.

      Step 11:

      Slowly and carefully top stitch around the entire exterior of the wallet (using a 1/8" seam allowance) enclosing the opening as you go.  Back stitch at beginning and end.

      Step 12:

      Fold wallet in half and press well.  Enjoy!

      ***This tutorial is for limited commercial use only.  I'm happy for people to make these wallets to sell at craft fairs or on ETSY sites, but ask that you not claim the design as your own or publish it as such for commercial use.  If you would like to link this tutorial to your web page or blog I'd love you to do so but would appreciate a note as to its origins.****

      Thanks and happy sewing!



      1. Thanks for sharing - that will be perfect for my husband! :)

      2. Thank you for posting this! I've made many wallets and this is the best of the tutorial's I've seen yet. I've now made 2 of them!

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      5. Amazing! This is nice. It seems to be very good but I am not sure if I can make the same wallet. But yeah! I want to give a try. Last week I bought a tory burch wallet to my father and he loved it.

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      8. This is great! What are the dimensions for the completed wallet? Thanks!

      9. Hi Sue, thank you so much for the tutorial, It's amazing! ^^

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      13. I made my husband a wallet from this pattern about 2 years ago and it has held up beautifully he always get compliments about the wallet which makes him so happy. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial!!!

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      21. I’ve tried this pattern twice, and keep getting stopped up on how badly it’s written and designed. According to the pattern, the final non pocket pieces should be 4.5”, yet that makes them the same size as your bill fold pocket, making it impossible to sew 1/2 seam around and still have your bill fold accessible. Not mention you should be at least basting your backing as pins move around when sewing.
        Its to bad the instructions are so inaccurate.