Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fabric Experimenting With a Spring Infinity Scarf

Spring is on its way!  At least that's the general idea in Newfoundland at this time of year....even if we can't actually see it happening yet.  And so with spring in mind I headed to a fabric sale on a recent trip to St. John's.

I almost always work with cottons or wool blends to make my bag and wallets because they are easy to work with, wear well, and come in a huge variety of colours and prints.  But when I laid eyes on the huge room of sale fabrics with nothing over $5 a meter, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try working with something different.

So after an hour (or so) of perusing ALL the huge bolts of various fabrics, I settled on two soft, drapey, lightweight synthetic prints with the idea of trying my hand at a spring infinity scarf.  At $4 a meter how could I go wrong?  If it turned out, great.  If not I was only out $4!

I have a knitted infinity scarf that I got as a Christmas gift so I made a few quick measurements, adjusted them for my lightweight material to get a bit more volume, and then got to work.  I used a bold black and white floral print with textured grid lines for the first scarf.  Laying the fabric out for cutting was a bit more difficult than usual as the fabric was more slippery and harder to line up on the cutting board than cotton.  But with a bit of fussing I got there in the end.

Once lined up I cut a rectangle which I then folded along its length (right sides together). This formed a very long skinny rectangle.  Normally I would pin in place before sewing but the fabric was so slippery it didn't stay in place even with pinning.  Instead I just stopped every 5 inches or so and lined up the edges as I went.  Then I sewed the tubular ends together.

This whole process took me about 20 minutes and involved nothing more than cutting and sewing straight lines. Result!

The finished scarf is soft and has a lovely drape to it.  The lightweight fabric is perfect for those spring days when it's too warm for a bulky wool scarf but still cool enough to need something to keep you warm. And it looks great too!  I'm very pleased with my scarf and am now wondering......

Is that fabric sale still on?

Black & white floral textured fabric

Blue & green geometric pattern fabric             

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  1. Love, love, love the first one! Is it for sale??