Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Neglected Blog Project

I have just realised it has been weeks since I posted in my blog!  So today's post is a quick and easy little project using some cute spring fabric to make a key chain.  The best part is it used up some scraps of pretty spring material that would be too small to do much else with.

I bought some hook/key chain like things on my last trip to the big city.  They have a D-ring on one end and the hook thingy on the other end.  The D-ring was about 1.24" wide so I cut 2 fabric strips 1.5" x about 10" long.

Then I attached some fusible fleece the same size to the back of one strip.  Next, I pinned them right sides together and sewed them together leaving a small 3" gap for turning.

I turned it out and with the opening edges tucked in, I pressed and pinned shut the opening shut.  Then I top stitched all around the outer edges sewing shut the opening as I went.  All of this took just 10 minutes!

Then I slipped one end of the strap I had made through the D-ring and stitched the ends of the strap together with two rows of stitching for strength.  Finished!

They were so quick and easy to make that I threw together 5 more and even embellished one with a little vintage rik-rac I've been wondering what to do with.  These can be made any length you like and I actually made one in a camouflage print that could be used as a short lead for training a dog.  It came in handy when I had to use it to retrieve Rudy after he slipped out of his collar and went to play with the dog next door!   I'm also wondering if I could find a way to use them as luggage pulls? hmmmmmm.....  

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