Thursday, 29 March 2012

Woolly Winter Bag Sling Bag

While the rest of Canada may have been bragging about the unusually warm temperatures and early blooming spring flowers, here in Newfoundland it's still business as usual.......snow, snow, snow.

So even though I have been breaking out my lovely spring fabrics in bright cheerful prints for spring/summer bag making..........

outside it is still cold, snowy and gray.

But I'm not letting it get me down.  Instead I've decided that if old man winter wants to stick it out a bit longer than I'll make the best of it.  And by that I mean making a new bag using soft, warm, and woolly winter fabric!

I just happen to have some woolly hounds tooth fabric leftover from some infinity scarves I made and have been wondering what it would look like as a sling bag.  It's a loose weave fabric and drapes very nicely (hence then infinity scarves).  I have bought the town out of interfacing - literally - and so thought I might get away using it in a soft slouchy bag.

This is a similar but more difficult version of a pillowcase bag like this one from Martha Stewart, but without the little tie on the handle and a full cotton lining.  I love the chocolate brown and teal colours in this fabric and the large hounds tooth pattern is just right for wintry weather.  The loose weave was perfect for this bag as it is meant to look sort of soft and slouchy.  And not interfacing needed! Yay!

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