Thursday, 7 June 2012

Square Bottom Bag

Okay, I admit it.  I'm not the most consistent of bloggers.  But like many creative people I often have multiple projects in progress at once.  I don't necessarily begin something and work on it exclusively until it's finished.  And due to the numerous sun filled days we've had in the past few weeks I've not exactly been tempted to stay inside with my sewing machine.

For example, I currently have in progress a new handbag design/tutorial, a baby sun bonnet for my niece, a queen sized quilt, and an Ipad cover. Eventually all my projects get finished.  But like my vintage styled quilt in Finishing Touches, some get finished sooner than others.

Yesterday however, it was pouring rain, thunder and lightning.  A perfect day to sew!  I decided on a new project in the form of a square bottom bag.  This bag was inspired by some stripey fabric and a matching woven beige canvas that I thought would be a great grab and go summer bag.  It's a simple bag with no pockets, but is roomy and completely reversible.

Both fabrics are medium to heavy weight and should stand up better to being dragged around all summer. I happened to have some black ribbon that I save from a pair of Christmas PJ's  I bought which made a great accent detail wrapped over the handles.  Waste not, want not!

I'm so pleased with the finished look of this bag that I'm actually thinking of passing up a bike ride in the sunshine today to create a new beach bag!  Stay tuned......

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  1. Hello,

    Sorry for my bad English ...
    I love your bag, you would be willing to explain to me how you achieved?
    A big thank you!