Thursday, 19 July 2012

Leather & Lace Cuff

 I have been online quite a bit lately using pinterest to collect images and ideas for things that inspire me. 
Not everything I pin is sewing or craft related. But a patchwork board, a fabric board, and a random inspiration things board are among my many boards. But anyhoo, I digress.....

While bored and surfing aimlessly on the web and pinterest I have come across quite a few leather cuffs and tutorials for how to make them. I gave two different tutorials a try before making my own leather and lace cuff. 

The first tutorial I tried was from Katie at The Red Kitchen .  The cuff in the front to the left is the one I made.
The second cuff I tried came from Melissa at ISLY - I Still Love You

The cuffs on the left here are mine made using the tutorial.

Both tutorials were very quick and easy.  I would highly recommend to anyone -even if you are a beginner crafter! 

After trying two tutorials I figured I'd have a go at making my own cuff design.  It required a little bit more work in that I cut three separate pieces of leather, sewed a couple straight lines and some lace, and added two snaps instead of one. But all in all it is still very simple (if you can sew a straight line and install a snap you can make this one!)

Close up of the leather and lace cuff with snaps

I was pretty pleased with the result!  Although I wish I had used some black leather for a bit more contrast next to the lace and would probably add a bit of topstitching at the edges. What do you think?

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